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Cavities and Sweet Treats: Important Holiday Dental Lessons for Parents and Kids

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time for lots of fun and food. The spirit of spending your holiday at its best is always appreciated. And why not? It’s always good to loosen yourself to the fun and fervor that the season brings along. But as dental professionals, we are a little concerned because we know the painful reality of the December sugar slam on dental health. And so before it’s too late, we have created this post to spread awareness while giving you some handy tips you could keep in mind this holiday season. We hope after reading this post you will not feel the need to search pediatric dentist near me.


Lesson 1: A strict ‘NO’ to depriving children of sweet treats

If you simply deny your children to consume sweet treats, here’s what can go wrong. The deprivation from candy, cakes, and other sweets could make that seem irresistible to your child, causing other problems.

They would smuggle or steal treats and might get into the habit of doing so which could lead to dental difficulties and other problems like diabetes and obesity. Dentists in Bridgeport suggest that we shall endorse moderation because a few treats ain’t harming anyone. Keep a check on your child’s candy and sweet intake. Allow them to pick their favorite treats in moderation.

Lesson 2: Teach your children the relationship between Candy and Cavities

While it’s that time of the year when you are surrounded by candies and sweets, it is also a good chance to enlighten your children with the right knowledge by explaining to them the relationship between sugary treats and cavities. Tell them about how starches stick into the mouth and turn into treats for sugar-bugs leading to decay. Well, the message here is not that “sweet treats are bad” but “treats in excess leads to cavities”.

This will help them keep a check on their diet from an early age itself and they will develop this habit of picking treats consciously.

Lesson 3: Setting up a specific treat time

When you have a stock of sweet treats at home, snack time is a great idea. Establish specific time slots to prevent all-day-long feasting on sweets. Maybe a couple of pieces in the noon and a few late in the evening; whatever works for you. This will also help prevent craving for sweets while leaving you feeling leaving your content.

Lessor 4: Brushing or Rinsing after consuming sweets

Along with snack time, it would be easier to set this fine ritual of brushing or at least rinsing after you consume sugary snacks and candies. Tell your child in a fun way that by developing this habit they could destroy the nasty biofilm that envelopes your teeth after you consume sweets. It is a good refreshing way to keep your dental health in good shape while enjoying holidays.

We hope you enjoy your holiday season with your near and dear ones. Keep smiling you all!

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